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Luxury suits

Best suits you can see and sleep in

Specials you can get now

Luxury and affordability

Our hotel offers the highest level of luxury you can imagine and the best value for money. There are a lot of services, there are even more accommodations you want to enjoy and so much more.

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Come, we are ready

Perfect place for you

Enjoy great comfort at any given moment. Relax, read a book or start walking and have a proper night of sleep in a massive, old-school bed where once knights slept.

The best experience is mandatory for all our guests. We can help our guests enjoy more than ever before.

Jason Miclauh - Hotel manager

The best vacation in your life is ready for you

One hotel that changes everything

Great service

Our room service is always available and they will meet all your requirements regardless of when and what you need.

Our policy

In our hotel you are a king and we will treat you like one.

You are safe

Our security will make sure you are safe 24/7 and you are protected in your comfort and your luxury.


Best foods, made by best chefs in the world are one call away

What our guests have to say


Perfect facility and even better service.

Peter Jamark,

Stunning experience and the best place where I stayed in my life.

Max Millian,

Professionals who made my stay perfect in any way possible.

Jessica Malis,

I had so much fun I don’t have the words to explain my experience.

Tim Wirich,

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