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We guarantee

We will please you in any way

since 1989

We guarantee you to have the best fun and the most luxurious, the most comfortable rest and vacation in your life. You will spend your time as you like doing only things you love and you will have to rest when you like. There are a lot of sub-services and additional offers we can share with you and we will do it right here.

Stunning luxury

Best suits, best rooms

Our rooms and suits have been advertised and mentioned in countless newspapers, blogs and by some of the most influential writers in the modern era. There is only one reason for that. We are the best and we know what you need and what you want before you even realizing.

Our numbers


What is our story?

We offer 5 stars

We started small and we started with a few rooms and a few suits. We then grew and we started adding new rooms and expanding our hotel. The upgrades will never stop and we are always making it more advanced, bigger and better.

Best comfort

Since the early start and since the beginning of our journey we believed that our guests need and want the stunning luxury and even better comfort. We are ready to offer you precisely this and we can help you enjoy more than anywhere else in the world.

Now is the right moment and come and see what we have to offer. Stay in one of our many rooms or our suits and we will make sure you rest, play and enjoy. Fun and luxury can be mixed together and we are the best experts in the business. Each year we have hundreds of guests coming to see what we have prepared for them.

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