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All in one place

Our hotel is our pride and our joy.

We have been developing our hotel for ages and we are proud to say that it is almost perfect. There is no room for errors here and there is no risk of any kind. We will make sure you get all you need and all you want.

Feel special

Sleep well

Best beds where knights slept are ready for you.


Have fun and relax your body and mind.


The best rooms, even better suits, and even better experience.

You will be always happy

While you are here at us you will enjoy always and as much as possible. You will have so much fun. Check our video.

We care about everything

We, or better said our personnel will take care of everything. All you have to do is to relax and recover your body and your mind. Here are a lot of additional things you will want to know about and you will want to take a look.

Swimming pool

Full-size swimming pool is one step away from you.

Free internet

Have Wi-Fi anywhere you move and go.

Room service

Our service is one of the best in the world.


Professional, delicious and stunning meals all the time.

Elegant and
classic room

Starting from $40 per day

Status: Available

Deposit: Not Required

Beds: 01

Passenger: 02

Large room

Starting from $50 per day

Status: Available

Deposit: Not Required

Beds: 02

Passenger: 02


Our foods will recover your body and mind and prepare you for dangerous and complicated life starting with a breakfast. Eat like a king.


When you want to relax and party at the same time, we have you covered. Enjoy nightlife as, much as possible and meet new people, party with them and then rest.


Have all the entertainment you can imagine and literally all of the offers is one step away from you.


Professional massage, spa and the entire restore for your skin and your face. Start looking younger today and impress all around you.

Be our guest

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