How I became a Vaper with Puff Bars

I have been asked to say something about how I came to be a vaper.  Or, to put it another way, how I came to switch from burning tobacco to using vapes.  I really like the term Personal Electronic Nicotine Inhalation System and not vape, but that acronym would just be a horrible image to overcome, so I usually avoid it.

I smoked American Spirit non-filters, or rolled my own non-filters, and enjoyed pipes, cigars, and chewing tobacco.  I liked tobacco…No, make that I like tobacco.  I like the flavor.  I enjoyed smoking, but I found something I like much better and as long as I have that, a vaporizer, I really have no desire to smoke.  And I did it by forgetting to smoke, can you imagine that, just plain forgot to smoke.

I was coming up from a very bad point in my life.  I’ll spare you the details mostly because it would be a novel and some editor would label it fiction anyway because it was unbelievably bad.  I was in bad shape, medically, and was headed for an early grave, but I didn’t really care.  Then an amazing thing happened, I reconnected with my high school sweetheart and we discovered we both had those old feelings for each other.  (How this happened is another in the series of unbelievable things.)  Now, since she is a non-smoker and has difficulty being near smoking, I would only smoke when I was away from her.  Not a problem when you first start seeing someone, but while driving I heard an ad on the radio about e juice and new exciting range of flavors.  The ad said it was free, but I’m old enough to know you can’t pay for ad by giving stuff away.  So, an internet search turned up a site full of information about the real deal.

This site was just mind-boggling full of information and had a wide range of vape juice and disposable vapes. It was a premier online shop for every type of vape mod, pods, juul, vape juice, puff bars, and bidi sticks! Thinking these folks know something I don’t, I ordered an assortment of puff bar and bidi stick flavors. There were all kinds of flavors if only I could afford to try them all. While the puff bars and bidi sticks were in transit, I kept ordering more flavors.  There were lots of great flavors like blue razz and strawberry watermelon but I tried some tobacco flavors as well.  I like tobacco, many different types and styles, so this was great.

So, the vape juice finally arrived after 3 days.  I opened up the puff bars and inhaled.  After I picked myself up off the floor from the resulting coughing fit, I approached it a bit more cautiously.  With tears streaming down my red face I said in a raspy voice, “It tastes horrible, but there is something good here.”  My youngest son laughed, pointed at me and said something I couldn’t understand through his howling laughter, but I think it was something along the lines of, “Good for you dad!”   With his steadfast encouragement, I opened another flavor puff bar.  I insert it, pressed the button, drew into my mouth then slowly inhaled the vapor.  I came to the conclusion that whoever said this juice tasted like strawberry watermelon had only enjoyed them while underneath an outhouse during a heat wave with possibly a skunk using the outhouse at the time.

So, while my first attempts didn’t fill me with joy and a desire to throw away all my cigarettes and tobacco, there was something there.  That something allowed me to spend more time with my new/old girlfriend.  I vaped on puff bars when I could and smoked when I had to as there was no satisfaction I got from smoking.  What I hadn’t really understood at the time was that taste is very subjective with regards to vapor and finding the nicotine level in the juice was not a clear-cut thing.  So I kept ordering more disposables like puff plus and posh plus.  All different strengths and tobacco flavors arrived.  At some point, I found that 50mg/ml will fix my cravings for nicotine.   But, while I still vaped when I could and smoked when I had to, there was still a lack of real satisfaction with vaping.  It was the flavor.

On a whim, and really as a joke to myself, I ordered a bottle of the most horrible sounding juice I had ever come across.  It said it tasted like Choco Cream Cookie, yeah right I thought.  Can you imagine how awful inhaling vapor that tasted anything like Choco Cream Cookie could be?  Well, that juice came in and I made a big production of filling a cartridge with it in front of my youngest son and my girlfriend.  I vaped it.  I vaped it again.  I felt something I thought I never would, satisfied.   Since discovering a flavor that satisfied, I still vaped when I could and smoked when I had to, but my smoking became less and less.

I discovered that flavors that I thought would “work” for me didn’t and the ones I thought were too weird were the “right” ones.  With a newly opened mind, I ordered more juice flavors and continued to discover satisfaction.  I still vaped when I could and smoked when I had to, but I enjoyed vaping almost as much as spending time with my girlfriend.   OK, not that much, but it was still pretty good.

When getting ready for work, I slipped a pack of cigarettes in my shirt pocket.  Out of habit, I checked the amount and noted there was one missing from the pack.  That was the same amount missing from the pack yesterday when I put it in my shirt pocket.  I had discovered that I had forgotten to smoke the day before.  I carried around that pack with one cigarette missing for month afterward, just in case, but I never smoked another one.

The vaporizer I use now looks nothing like a cigarette and tastes like whatever I want it to taste like.  My girlfriend is now my wife and I don’t have any desire to smoke since I forgot to.  How unbelievable is that?